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Practice Areas

Over the years, the Law Offices of Desmond Tuck have practiced in a diverse set of areas of the law, and represented clients in all Bay Area counties.  Currently the firm is focusing on the following areas:

Business Disputes

Business disputes can arise between a business owner and a customer, or between two businesses. We can help you to interpret and enforce the agreement you had with the other party and can try to resolve the dispute through mediation or dialog with the other side’s attorney, or represent you in court if the situation can’t be resolved amicably.

Real Estate and Construction

Whether you are buying, selling, or dealing with some other aspects of a real estate transaction, a real estate lawyer can help you.  The same applies to constructions matters, where things do not always work out as expected.  Typical disputes involve buyers and sellers, realtors and brokers, general contractors and specialized contractors. We can help you resolve such disputes, or litigate and take the case to trial if no agreement is reached.


The Probate process involves obtaining Court approval for the handling and finalization of a decedent’s estate. Sometimes disputes arise among the parties to a Probate matter and these must be resolved before an estate can be finalized. An experienced probate litigation attorney can help you resolve complications encountered in the probate process.

To learn how we can help you in these areas, and potentially others – please contact us.